Healthy Futures offers a variety of anti-aging and aesthetic treatment options to help you look and feel good! Dr. Radbill can identify and treat a number of diseases and symptoms, using the latest therapies and treatments. Dr. Radbill uses the latest therapies and treatments, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Botox injections, Derma Roller to soften scars, and various other state-of-the-art skin treatments.

Botox Injections

Botox injections can be used for cosmetic purposes, but can also be helpful for those with chronic headaches. Sometimes the muscle strain and fatigue from working at computers causes headaches in the upper neck and forehead areas.

Derma Roller

This is a relatively new process for skin resurfacing that can be used on all skin types. It does not use laser or heat, so there is no collateral skin damage. It can be used to soften or alleviate scars, and create much smoother skin surfaces. Healing times are less than other modes of therapy, and the procedures are safely, effectively and almost painlessly carried out under topical anesthesia in the office

Skin Lesion Biopsies and Skin Tag Removals

Skin tags are common in people that have developed insulin resistance or are diabetic. These tags can be bothersome and embarrassing. They can easily and effectively be removed in a simple office procedure.